When Jesus told us that pulling up weeds could harm the wheat he meant we should just get along with annoying people.

In the Gospel Jesus told us to just put up with people who bother us. They are like weeds growing up with the wheat. If we try pulling them up we will hurt all the wheat around them.

There is, of course, a flaw in Our Lord’s parable. No matter how long you leave them the weeds are never going to change into wheat; but annoying people, even the most annoying ones can become pleasant. But even without hope of that, we should put up with them. I took over a parish from an old Irish priest who stayed on with me ten years after he retired. When I asked him about parishioners who were causing me trouble his advise always was: “Arragh, let them tear away!”

In the cases where people are annoying to us there is always the slim possibility that they are in the right, and we are the annoying ones. 

Putting that possibility aside. we still have to be understanding. That means we must see that there is some good motives standing under their behavior.

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