Our baptisms, like the Israelites' plunge into the Red Sea, should be a life-long pledge to follow God's way.

Monday, 7/18/11

The first reading pictures Moses and the Israelites after they had eaten their final meal in Egypt. They rushed toward the Red Sea with big globs of the unbaked dough over their shoulders.

Coming near the Red Sea they turned back to see the dust of the approaching Egyptians. That left them with two choices . They could either lay down whimpering for mercy, or with none of them knowing how to swim they could have followed God’s dare to thrust themselves into the sea.

They chose to trust God. They turned to the sea.  Afterwards, the Scriptures referred to their choice to trust God as their baptism.

It might not seem that way to us, but our Baptisms should be as decisive as their plunge. Every day of our lives we are meant to live up to the significance of our baptisms. We are meant to hold strong to our commitment to God, not laying down and whimpering.

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