John th Baptist showed us that in public affairs we must speak up for what is right.

Saturday, 7/30/11

When King Herod stole Herodias, the wife of his brother, everyone knew it was wrong. But who was going to accuse the king?

Well, John the Baptist did. He said, “It is not lawful for you to take your brother’s wife.” For that Herod imprisoned John in the basement dungeon of his palace at Machero across the Jordan. Fascinated by John, Herod liked sneaking partway down the steps to overhear John speaking. But then his wife and her daughter Salome tricked him into beheading John.

Those sad events were mirrored fourteen hundred years later when King Henry the Eighth had Bishop John Fisher beheaded for being a second John the Baptist. He objected to Henry’s putting Catherine aside to marry Anne. Fisher had been Henry’s tutor, and he had been the chosen priest speaking at the funerals of Henry’s father and mother. Still, Henry had not been able to abide it when Fisher said he was confronting him as the Baptist had confronted Herod.   

While Fisher was imprisoned in the Tower Pope Leo X named him a cardinal of the Church. When he asked King Henry to let Fisher come to Rome for his red hat, Henry said he could not do that; but he would send the pope Fisher's head.  

 In public affairs we should uphold the moral standards of Christ.

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