Jesus has enabled us to see brothers and sisters on all sides of us.

Tuesday, 7/19/11

In the Gospel Jesus stretched his hand out over his followers, saying, “Whoever does the will of my heavenly Father is my brother, and sister, and mother.”

I just got word that a classmate of mine died, and it set me thinking of our great times together. We often wrote. He was family too me, and I feel bad about his passing.

But I don’t feel left alone. At morning Mass I am with twenty or so friends who are family. An exclusive type of family loyalty dates back to a time when any stranger might kill you just to be safe, to a time when your family circle was a real circle of fighters facing out on a hostile world.  The Irish political party founded by Eamonn De Valera was the Fianna Fael, or “Ourselves Alone.” Hopefully Christ has rid us of that mentality, and we can see brothers and sisters on all sides.

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