For God the distant past is still present. Let's join him up there looking down on Mary, feeling for her when the child Jesus was lost, and when the man Jesus hung on the cross.

Saturday, 7/2/11

While the Church asked us yesterday to share the feelings of Our Lord’s heart, today it asks us to share the feelings of his mother’s heart.

Again and again lately I have been recalling something the nuns told us in grade school. They said that the slow passage of our days and years is like the slow passage of a parade around the base of a mountain. We are aware only of the present minute with us right now. But it is not that way with God. It is as though he were on the top of that mountain, seeing all the days and years as equally present to him. We can get a different perspective on events if we imagine ourselves up on the top of the mountain with God.

From up there our past is as real as the present. We can see the slow unwinding of our school days, and we see them as real to us now as they were back then. With us up on that mountain with God we are not confined to looking down on our own past. We can look down on the distant past.

We can look down on Mary as she feverishly searched groups up and down the road, asking if they had seen her boy. We can look down on her beneath the cross where out of love for us she was giving up her precious son.

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