When Jesus asks us to return the love he gives us we can do that by giving love to the unfortunate people he cares for.

Friday, 7/1/11

In then First Reading Moses told us, “The Lord set his heart on you, and chose you.” The Second Reading follows that up by saying, “If God so loved us, we also must love one another.”

Those are good thoughts for the Feast of the Sacred Heart. My thoughts have always gone in another direction on this day. I have always remembered Jesus telling Margaret Mary, “Behold this heart that has loved men so much, and has been loved so little in return.” That had me concentrating on the heart of Jesus. It had me stirring up the desire to love him back. I never got far with that, so I welcome the idea that that S. John gives us of showing my love for Jesus by loving other people.

In the Gospel Jesus says, “Take my yoke upon you and learn from me.” I always thought of a yoke as a kind of wooden harness that fits over a beast’s shoulders, but that’s not it. A yoke is a kind of wooden harness that fits over the shoulders of two beasts!

Jesus tells you he has an opening for you under the other side of the yoke on his shoulders. He invites you to slip under it, and to pull away without kicking back. He wants you to join him by opening your heart to the unfortunate.

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