Jesus tells us to avoid being judged by holding back from judging others.

Monday, 6/20/11  

In today’s Gospel Jesus gave us two motives for not making unkind judgments of others, and we might add two more to those. 

The first motive Jesus gives us for avoiding judging others is that it is a way of protecting ourselves from their retaliating to get even.

Secondly, he says that our own greater fault might render us incapable of seeing the matter clearly. The beam in my own eye may be preventing me from seeing the matter clearly.

The two other motives we could add are these. First, if we have the gift of understanding that insight will let us see that the person couldn’t do any better under the circumstances.

Lastly, we might have enough empathy to want to shy away from hurting the other. That seemed to have been the case with Joe Gargery in Charles Dickens’ “Great Expectations.” He said something like, “We wouldn’t want to hurt a poor honest fellow creature, would we Pip old fellow?”

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