Jesus spoke against useless worrying that goes around and around in circles.

Saturday, 6/18/11

Jesus asked, “Is not life more than food and the body more than clothing?”

Yes, of course, life is more than food, and the body is more than clothing, but so what?

What point was Jesus making? Let me tell you how I understand him.

Jesus was saying something like this, “Since the Father was a good enough provider to give you life itself, can’t you trust him to do the lesser thing of giving you your next meal?  Likewise, since he was good enough to give you your marvelous body, can’t you trust him to find you something to clothe that body?

Certainly we must make preparations to come by our necessary food and clothing. Jesus wasn’t criticizing us for making wise plans to provide for our needs. No, he spoke of wise stewards and wise women who did well for those in their care. We  must plan wisely, but then we should leave all care in God’s hands. What Jesus was against was useless worrying that goes around in circles, accomplishing nothing.

When we indulge in useless worrying we are like children sitting with heads in hands, asking, “What will we have to eat and wear tomorrow?” Such silly kids are insulting their parents who had always provided well for them. And when we let our worrying go around and around in circles we are insulting God who has provided for us all these years.

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