What might you say and do to bring non-believers around to the Faith?

In the First Reading we read what Paul said when he stood up in the synagogue in the city of Antioch in central Turkey. He was talking to devout Jewish people who had never heard of Jesus. In twenty-five lines of our reading he reviewed Jewish history, explaining how it all led up to Jesus. His hearers were impressed by his honest, impassioned speaking.
Since you believe in Jesus, and since that belief has brought happiness into your life, how would you go about convincing non-believers that they would be happy if they accepted Christ?
You could not use Paul’s arguments from Jewish history. What would you emphasize? Would you give an historical explanation that began with the life and death of Jesus, going on to describing the way the faith took root everywhere?  
Would you combine two tactics by giving them some reading material while seriously praying for them?
Would you communicate to them the happiness and peace you and your family have had as Catholics? Just how would you instill in them a desire to share in your secret? What about saint stories and miracle stories?
Have you been instrumental in bringing people to the faith? Have you a method the rest of us could learn from?

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