Jesus took, he blessed, he gave.

When the disciples handed Jesus the five barley loaves he took, blessed, and gave them back for distribution.

Once, in trying to illustrate the Bible stories, I had a kid named Pedro serving as my model for Jesus. I positioned Pedro with one foot up on my low couch, so he would look like he was on a hillside. Then, I had him holding a basket that supposedly held the five loaves.

In picturing the miracle I didn’t imagine the loaves multiplying in plain sight. I just thought of Jesus reaching into the basket for more after the five should have been gone.

This is the only miracle described in detail in all four Gospels. In each of them the same sequence of verbs describes what Jesus did: he took, he blessed, he gave.

Our guess is that they always related it with the same words because in all the years after the Last Supper - when they came to write their gospels - that is way they said it every Sunday. They said, he took, he blessed, he gave. They were exactly following his orders to “do this in memory of me.”

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