In imagination we accompany Mary on her visit to Elizabeth.

Tuesday, 5/31/11

Today’s Feast of the Visitation invites us to take an imaginary foot journey. We are to accompany Mary over hilly paths the length of the country.  We might want to  share her thoughts. Do we think that as a country girl Mary had so many times witnessed the birth of animals that even human birth no longer seemed miraculous to her? Or did she still see childbirth as God’s most miraculous trick?

Should we imagine that Mary had assisted at births, and at seeing a child emerge, she had gasped for breath. Could she have been like an inexperienced American girl who might wonder how an infant was able to survive in a confinement that offered not a breath of air?

Was Mary worrying about Elizabeth? Did she have her own ideas about how to go about assisting a very old lady in her confinement?

After arriving there, how do you think Mary felt about it when she heard an older lady addressing
her as the mother of her Lord?

I wonder, did the infant in her womb leap as well?

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