DFud St. Matthais have a temper?

After Judas betrayed Jesus, going his own way, Peter announced the need to choose another disciple to take his place as the twelfth Apostle. So the remaining eleven asked God to express his choice. The disciples who had been with them from the beginning drew straws, and God’s choice fell on Matthais. We do not know anything about the subsequent career of Matthais. 

If you don’t mind, I’d like to tell you about a priest named Matthias who let his temper control him.  Three years younger than me, Mattie let me see his temper one day in a soccer game. I had taken the ball off him, and turned toward the other goal with it, when I heard Mattie pounding after me.

It sounded like serious pounding, so I tried to get out of danger by passing the ball off , Mattie, though,   kept pounding after me, chasing me off the field; and not stopping until; I turned to him with a look that said, “Cut the nonsense.” With that he snapped out of it, apologizing.

Fourteen years later we manned the bishop’s house at our diocese in Korea. I was the chancellor, and Mattie kept the books. His flares of anger had made him unfit for parish work, but he never again lost his temper with me. When it was seizing control of him he would disappear into his office, taking to smoking chain-style.

He liked nothing but meat and potatoes, but our bishop had opened our kitchen to a nun who liked experimenting with dishes. It was an awful thing when she put a shish-kabob on Mattie’s plate. He fumed over it until he had built up his maximum load of steam. Then, shouting, “Janie Mack!” he ran his fork up the stick sending bits of lamb, tomato and onion sailing all over the dining room.

Mattie’s temper didn’t let him live to see fifty. Perhaps, in God’s eyes he handled his affliction better than ninety-nine out of a hundred of us could have.

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