As the lightof the world Jesus is the source of all our energy, physical and mental.

In the Gospel we read that Jesus declared, “I came into the world as light.”  The word Light appears over 250 times in the Bible and two thirds of the time it is used metaphorically as we read in Ephesians, 5:9:
“Light produces every kind of goodness, righteousness and truth.”
In the first chapter of John’s Gospel the image of light stands for something more than goodness, righteousness and truth. It stands for the source of energy that sets our world and our minds in motion.
Let me back up that assertion. In several ways John let us know that he meant Chapter One of his Gospel to echo Chapter One of Genesis. He opened his account with the same three words: “In the beginning.” Then, if you check his narrative you will see that it follows Jesus through the first six days of his public life. Scholars refer to John’s first chapter as the “New Creation Story.”
In comparing John’s Chapter One to Chapter One of Genesis we can say that while Genesis tells us that God created all things, John’s Gospel tells us something about how God created all things.
In verse three of the great prologue to his Gospel John tells us that God’s Word, the Second Person of the Trimnity, served as the model for humanity:
“All things came to be through him, and without him nothing came to be.”
Then, in that same verse 3 John told us that the Word not only served as the template for his creations, but the Word also set it all in motion. 
“What came to be through him was life, and the life was the light of the human race.”

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