We must remain supple to the movements of grace.

The leaders, elders and scribes did not know what to make of Peter, John, and the man lame from birth whom they cured. Those leaders had complete confidence in their laws and traditions, but those regulations just didn’t fit this case.

The leaders had declared that it was against the law to praise the man Jesus whom they had executed, but how could they call curing this cripple a crime? Using the name Jesus Peter and John had given full health to a man with limbs withered from birth, and the man was jumping around with all the people congratulating him. It was awful!

This story might be telling us to keep open minds about things. We shouldn’t let pre-conceived ideas or prejudices keep us from seeing God’s truth staring us in the face. Years ago I read a little lecture a mother superior with the Carmelites made to her young nuns. She told them that although keeping the rules was important, there could be more than that in doing the right thing. She then used a beautiful phrase.  She advised the nuns “to remain supple to the movements of grace.”

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