We are the conduits thrugh which God's grace flows out into the needy world.

Let’s take another look at Ezekiel’s beautiful dream. He saw an ever-deepening stream of water flowing out from the east gate of the temple, making its way down to the deep valley south of the Dead Sea. Ezekiel noted all the trees bearing rich fruit along the banks of the stream. Then, after the stream emptied into the Gulf of Aquaba, he saw it visible as a distinct gulf stream, and Ezekiel witnessed  fresh water fish leaping in its stream.

The parable is clearly an advertisement for Mass attendance from which graces flow out into the world enriching and freshening as it goes. Of course the grace of the Mass doesn’t get anywhere on its own. It needs carriers. It needs you and me as Our Lord’s hands and lips, willing to do his kindnesses, and able to speak his cheering words.

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