Peter's terrible lapse reminds us that we must constntly pray for God's strength in carrying out our duties.

The first reading today is the second of the Songs of the Suffering Servant. Those prophesies concerning the Messiah were first sung by an unknown Jew during the Babylonian captivity. He Prophesied that the Messiah’s speech would be as effective as a two edged sword or a polished arrow. His redemptive powers, exceeding what was needed to rescue Israel, would supply light to the ends of the earth.

The Gospel is made up of selected verses from the Thirteenth Chapter of John’s Gospel, and they focus on Judas, then on Peter.

Of Judas John wrote that when he went out it was night. That would have been a useless comment, since the Passover feast could not be commenced until after nightfall.  But since John poetically saw goodness as light and evil as darkness, by saying it was night when Judas went out to betray the Lord he was saying it was night in the soul of Judas.

Peter’s saying he was willing to die with Jesus proved to be an empty boast, since he went on to three times deny he even knew Jesus. That story is there to remind us we need to constantly pray for the ability to carry out our duties. We cannot rely on our own strength to do what is needed.

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