Matthw's account of the Passion gives attention to Jesus fulfillng prophesies.

With the long Gospel we need a short homily for Palm Sunday. Since we have Luke one year, Mark another, and Matthew this year, it might be well to only mention what Matthew alone tells us.

He is the only one to recall that plaintive moan when Jesus said, “My soul is sorrowful even unto death.”

He alone remembers Jesus saying that if he wished he could command twelve legions of angels to protect him.

Matthew wrote his Gospel to make it clear that far from departing from the law and the prophets, Jesus fulfilled their promise. So, when the guards laid hands on Jesus Matthew remarked that this was done to fulfill what was written by the prophets.

When Jesus called out, “My God, why hast thou forsaken me?” he was fulfilling the promise of the 22nd Psalm. When he described the soldiers casting lots for his clothing he was again fulfilling the prophesy of Psalm 22.

Matthew gave special attention to the heavy guard the chief priests stationed at the tomb. That made it clear that the disciples would not be able to steal the body away.

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