It was a beautiful morning by the lake.

What I like best about this Gospel is the morning itself. As well as its being the morning of that day, it was also the beautiful dawn of our church. We are all rocking about in Peter’s boat. With the rising mist and the silver light coming off the water we are all shading our eyes. We strain to see who had the clout to call us little children.

There may be some spiritual significance in Peter tucking his garments then plunging into the water. I don’t know what it is.

There were one hundred and fifty-three large fish in the net. For all these centuries scholars have been theorizing about what symbolic numbers could add up to 153. They haven’t come up with anything they can agree on. Neither can they tell us where Jesus either bought or produced the bread and fish he had on the charcoal. Do you think Jesus built the little fire, or did he just make it magically?

We should leave those questions alone. We should just enjoy that beautiful morning.

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