The blood of the Lamb causes death to pass over us as we pass over from useless lving, setting our feet on the way to the Promised Land.

On the night of a full moon like the one we have this week, God’s people ate a ceremonial meal, and God told them to repeat this feast through all generations. It is in answer to that injunction that we meet for Mass this evening.

The meal is called a Passover, and Chapter Twelve of Exodus gave two reasons for that.

One reason was that when a house was marked with the blood of the Paschal Lamb death would pass over it. That reason holds true for us, because we are commemorating the shedding of Our Lord’s precious blood, and by being marked with his blood we are saved from destruction.

The other reason for its being called a pass-over meal was that they were to eat it dressed for the road. It was a departure ceremony by which, accompanying the Lord, they were to pass over from useless living, getting their feet onto the way to the Promised Land. That reason for calling it a Passover applies to us if we resolutely leave useless living behind, and pass over, planting our feet firmly on the road to the Promised land.

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