No success in life is worth losing youe soul for it.

In our Gospel Jesus said, “What profit is there for one to gain the whole world yet Lose or forfeit himself?”

The older way we heard that was, “What profit is there for you to gain the whole world yet suffer the loss of your own soul?”

I suppose the newer one is a more accurate translation of what St. Luke wrote, whatever about what Jesus said.

Our Eighth Grade teacher, Sister Celeste, wrote that on the board one day. She had us write it down, but she said no more about it. That got me wondering why we had to write it if there were no further assignment following on it.     

That question bothered me, and through the years the quotation kept coming back to make me wonder. I guess what Sister Celeste wanted to happen was that Our Lord’s question would come to weigh in on any career choice we might consider.

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