For our sake Jesus walked into the terrible death they were plotting.

Today’s first reading recorded the hatefulness of Jeremiah’s persecutors, but it also accurately recalls the plotting of the chief priests against Jesus. He was hurt no end to realize that the priests who represented his Father was saying, “Let’s closely listen to his teaching to find something he is saying we can use against him in court. With all the people going over to him we are losing our influence and the wealth our position gives us. We must put him to death!”

Now, although that all happened many centuries ago the pain Jesus felt then is still with him in a way. What I mean by that is that when Jesus becomes present on our altar at Mass he is here offering himself to the Father. It is the same offering he made of himself on the cross, and the hatefulness of those who nailed him to the cross is still there as the spur that he is overcoming with his generous love.

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