Jesus tells us that by giving up narrow family ties we can earn larger families that go on and on.

Jesus said that anyone who gave up family ties for his sake would receive A hundred times more fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters than those he or she gave up.

Now, he was not telling us to turn our backs on our families. The Commandment binds us to show love for our families. What he was telling us to give up was a narrow view in which only our immediate families (or races, or political parties) meant anything to us. Unfortunately, there are people who live their lives with only a small circle of people with whom they are honest and generous.

Some Orientals are guilty of that narrow approach to life. Confucius laid down strict rules of behavior for people living in any of five relationships: brothers and sisters, husbands and wives, parents and children, teachers and students, kings and subjects. Confucius prescribed no beautiful etiquette for dealing with strangers. In accord with that, some Orientals will never enter the shop of a stranger. They know he has no need to be anything but sly with them.

What Jesus is asking us to do is not to turn our backs on family members. He is asking us to make family members by the hundreds with those we meet with, even causally.  

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