God made us to be in need of each other, in need of authority.

When God had created his first human he said, “It is not good for man to be alone.” These few words are of great importance to our lives. It declares us to be social animals, and it calls for us to adopt all the means necessary for us to live together in peace. For instance, it calls for the need of recognizing some authority for sorting out differences.

The following story in Genesis should be seen as a funny story. Seeing that man needs a partner, God created a string of animals for the man’s inspection. “How about this plump goose? Will you take the goose as your life’s partner.”

“No, No, No, I don’t want the goose!”

“How about this giraffe? This monkey?"

“What about this cuddly bear?

“No thanks.”

At a loss for finding a suitable animal, the Lord cast a sleep on the man. and removed a rib. (A similarity between a Semitic word for a rib and “life” might have hidden a pun here.)

The story has the happiest of endings. When the Lord God has formed the first woman, and presented her to him, the man jumped in his eagerness, shouting, “This one! O yes, this one.”  

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