The first half of Mark's Gospel showed us that Jesus is the Savior. From this point on Jesus shows us that he will save by suffering.

When we come on this passage in Mark, I cannot resist pointing out how central it is to Mark’s Gospel. Coming just at the end of Chapter Eight in his seventeen-chapter-
Gospel, it is the turning point on which the halves of his Gospel hinge. The first eight and a half chapters of his Gospel over and over show the Apostles and us that Jesus must be the Savior.

Jesus asked the Apostles what they made of him, and Peter, speaking for the rest, said Jesus was the Messiah, the Savior.

That point being made, the first half of Mark’s Gospel was at its end. Jesus then immediately got on to the second half of the Gospel. Yes, he was the Savior, but he was going to save us by suffering, by standing strong against all that the forces of evil could mount against him.   

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