Jesus gives us an example of generously putting up with interferences.

In the Gospel we see Jesus at his best. He instantly interrupted his teaching to see to the daughter of the man Jairus.  Then, as he was going on his way there, his power for good was so great, that a woman who had been very sick for a dozen years was instantly cured by just touching his cloak. Next, instead of taking credit for the cure , he said it was her faith that worked the miracle. Finally, he brought the little girl back to life, giving her back to her parents.

We should read this story in connection with the first reading that asks us to look to the example of Jesus, who is “the leader and perfecter of faith.” Through all his labors and acts of kindness he had the cross before him. His faith was strong enough that it enabled him to go on even though he knew it was leading him to Calvary’s nails, to the crowd’s spitting, and to the soldiers’ whipping. Each of us has a death awaiting us. With Jesus as our model, our faith should sustain us through whatever pain and disappointments are in store for us.

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