Jesus is the living bread come down from heaven,

Sunday, 8/19/18.

We are all familiar with Jesus telling us that his body will come to us in the form of bread, our Holy Communion.  However in this Chapter Six his Gospel, John also tells us that apart from coming to us as Holy Communion Jesus is the Bread of Life that nourishes us by coming to us in our moments of solitude.

In line with that First Reading, Jesus is Wisdom personified. As such, he leads us to adopt ways of behavior that will lead us to living as happy people. Jesus is also Wisdom personified through  prayerful interludes in which he leads us to understand the truth.

Children should be loved for what they are,


There is a slight connection between today's two readings. In the first reading God told Ezekiel that children  should not be punished for the sins of their parents

In the Gospel, Jesus commanded his followers to love all children what's so ever.

If Moses had the right to sanction second marriages, then the Church has the right to sanction them after annulments

Friday, 8/17/18

One would need to study the history and the poetic forms of the times to be able to make out what Ezekiel was speaking about. It seems to me that he was speaking to the descendants of the people of Canaan from whom the Israelites inherited the Promised Land

In the 00Gospel Our Lord clearly says that marriages should last forever. However, he did not deny the right of Moses to make exceptions, so that right would also be available to the Church as she allows for second unions after annulments.

As captives you shall go into exile.

Thursday, 8/16/18

Ezekiel the Prophet, leading up to the year 600 B.C., over and over warned the people of Jerusalem that if they did not give up their out-and-out sinful lives they would be carried off in exile. When the people, weary of this preaching, said they would no longer listen further to his warnings, he began acting out a people made to pack up and leave.

The collapse of Jerusalem back then has me wondering if our present dayAmerica is.morally strong enough to resist its being overtaken by a foreign people. My unfavorable estimation of our moral strength comes from comparing Americans in 2017 with the survivals of Pearl Harbor back in 1941.
Back then everyone rose to the challenge. I read about four young men in the same town who committed suicide when they were judged not strong enough to fight fo r their country.

As Christians we must freely forgive those who have offended us.

Thursday, 8/16/18

Offhand, we might not be able to bring to mind those whom we must forgive. However, such enmities have a way of hiding, and to get at them, we must stand back, and try listing those for whim we harbor dislikes.

For a start,we should admit to our having the same faults as those that annoy us in others.  As a step in that direction, we should recall times when we forgave ourselves for similar faults. If we are put off by people making burping sounds, we should recall our having done the same. When we are hurt by someone failing to answer our letters  we should recall our the same

"A woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet.

Tuesday, 8-15-18

Jesus, from the cross, gave Mary unto the care of John, who ended his days at Smyrna on the Aegian coast. And, from the beginning Christians have passed on the story that from the end of her days, Mary was taken bodily into heaven.

John, toward the end of his days, composed the highly poetic "Book of Revelation" the New Testament's longest and most complex book. From the beginning, Christians have identified Mary as the woman  clothed with the sun, the moon beneath her feet."

"The bow which appears in the clouds on a rainy day proclaims God's splendor."."

Monday, 8-13-18

Ezekiel tells us that rainbows proclaim God's spender.

In his Divine Comedy" Dante said something of the same thing. There, Dante, on arrival in Paradise,  was stricken by the way that while all of heaven was new to him, it somehow reminded him of the best things he saw on earth.

He went to the heavenly Beatrice for an explanation of this, and she answered. 'All things among themselves possess an order, and this order is the form that makes the universe like God.

Returning to today's reading, its rainbow proclaims God's glory by its perfect orderliness. Every rainbow has the same orderly spectrum, passing from red to orange, to yellow, to green. That orderliness mirrors the orderliness of God. likewise, the orderly sequence from do to re, to mi is the musical scale reflects the orderliness of God.

jesus is the bread of life.

Sunday, 8-12-18

There are several different ways in which Chapter Six of John's Gospel sees Jesus as the bread of life.
The day before,  Jesus fed five thousand people with just five loafs; and that prompted the people to say Jesus must be the Prophet of whom Moses spoke when he said, "God will send you a Prophet like me, and you must listen to him."

Now, among the Jews there had sprung up an idea that when the Prophet come, he would bring fresh manna down from heaven. It was going on that expectation that had the Jews asking Jesus what sign he would give them.

Jesus, changing the subject, said that what Moses gave them was not true bread. Then, changing the subject, he said that he himself was the bread of life. He was not there referring to Holy Communion. No, he was saying that the words he spoke to us deep in our hearts would be like bread, nourishing the soul.

After that, switching to speaking of his presence in holy Communion,  Jesus said he he would give us bread that was actually his flesh.

That was too much for the people to accept, and most of his followers  left him. Turning to his Apostles, he asked if they too would leave him. That caused Peter to ask, "To whim might we go? You have the words of everlasting life."

The rash man has no integrity, but the just man lives by faith.

Saturday, 8-11-18

"The rash man has no integrity, but the just man lives by faith."

That Bible verse reminds me of two kinds of students. When the school assignment asks them about the Beatitudes, the rash man writes that the Beatitudes are about being humble and all of that, while the just man takes the Beatitudes to thoroughly rebuild his life into something beautiful.

Blessed are the poor kn spirit/

Saturday, 8/11/18

Th first reading packs a lot of wisdom, It says, "The rash man has no integrity, but the just man lives because of his faith."

We can see this contrast in two different ways we had of doing our schoolwork. Like, if we were told to learn the Beatitudes, we might pick up a passing grade by writing, "Blessed are those who always  do the right thing." but we will reman inferior to the man who is meek and who always seeks to do what is right and just.

We do believe, Oh Lord, help our disbelief.

Friday, 8/9/18

 St. Lawrence of Rome distributed the valuables of the pope to the poor before submitting himself to death.

As followers of Chris, we should give all to the poor, and we should gladly submit ourselves to death. However, we are all human, and as such we are pulled toward our  own security.

One saintly man was asked  if he completely believed in Christ;a nd he answered, "I believe, Oh Lorf, help my unbelief

Today we reflect on our covenant with God.

Thursday, 8/9/18

Jeremiah spoke of the new covenant that God wanted to enter into us, and Jesus, giving us the cup at the Last Supper, told us this was the beginning of the new covenant.

A covenant is a special contract in which the parties exchange not only money and possessions. No, they  exchange their very selves.

The Old Covenant at Sinai was enacted by the sprinkling of blood not only on the people, but also on Cod's altar, so that the same blood flowed through them all, At  Mass we are united by having the blood of Christ flow through us all.

St. Dominic brought heretics around by leading very holy lives.

Wednesday, 8/8/18

As a student, Dominic sold all his books to support the poor.

Dominic, by his simple ways won a strange group of heretics back to the Church. That group, the Cathars were followers of Zoroaster, and they abstained from unnecessary sexual  activities, and also from eating meat, and from engaging in  struggles.

Dominic, and his companions, when the Pope asked them to bring the Cathars back to Christianity, impressed the Cathars by leading  lives even holier than those of the Cathars.

a of a very holy life in th

Jesus will come walking toward us when we are threatened by death.

Tuesday, 8/7/18

After Jesus fed the five thousand on five loafs, the people began moving to make him their king. Jesus, wanting to save the Apostles from being too ambitious, made them head off in their boat, while he went up the mountain to pray, and the throng made their way around to Capernaum.

Meanwhile, the Apostles in the middle of the lake, were hit by a storm that they felt would kill them. It was then that Jesus came to them, walking on the water.

That story is actually a parable, with the storm standing for a sure threat of death. If we have Faith when we are about to die, Jesus will come walking to us over the waves of death.

There are four storied behind mamma.

There are four stories behind the bread of life.

First, even today Bedouins gather a white cream at dawn, while in the evening, quail, weary from their flight from Europe, flop in the desert.

Second. Moses promised that a prophet like me will the Lord raise up from among you; and that led the five thousand from the previous day to ask Jesus what sign he could do.

Thirdly, Jesus said that his words were the bread of life.

Fourth, Jesus promised us real bread with his indwelling. When many left him, finding such a bread unbelievable, Peter asked,  "To whom shall we go? You have the words of everlasting life.